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 1.         Learn the difference between aperture and shutter speed and how they work together.

2.         If you use a smartphone camera find an app you like and get to know it.

3.         When shooting a landscape shot remember that the best shot may be behind you.

4.         Organize your computer hard drive and image folders

5.         Backup your photos

6.         Learn the Rule of Thirds and then break it when necessary

7.         Always carry a camera with you

8.         Visualize your photograph before you take it

9.         Find a photographer(s) whose work you like and that inspires you and follow him  or her.

10.       Remember that your backyard makes a great photo location. There is no need to travel for good photo opportunities.

11.       Look for inspiration around you

12.       Don’t be afraid to put the cameras down and enjoy the moment

13.       Use quality memory cards

14.       Follow the rules where you are shooting

15.       Prints still have value – there is nothing like holding or looking at a great print.

16.       Learn to deal with noise in your digital images

17.       Calibrate your computer monitor if you edit photos on it

18.       Remember you do not have to show your bad photos. Edit, edit, edit

19.       Take your camera off of program or automatic mode

20.       Make sure your batteries are charged before you go out to shoot.

21.       Before shooting format your memory card in your camera.

22.       Download your images to your computer as soon as you can. The longer you wait the more you are likely to lose them or record over them.

23.       Get as close as you can to your subject

24.       Keep it simple

25.       Learn from your mistakes

 That makes 50 quick tips. Do you have any to add? Put them in the Comments section.

Until next time……

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